Sybrin Recognised in FinTech Global's AIFinTech100 List

Sybrin Recognised in FinTech Global's AIFinTech100 List.

19 June 2024
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FinTech Global named Sybrin as one of the top 100 companies shaping the future of AI in finance. This prestigious distinction places Sybrin among the elite group on the 4th annual AIFinTech100 list. The renowned research platform meticulously selected finalists from a pool exceeding 2,000 nominated companies. AIFinTech100 highlights the industry's leading forces driving innovation and efficiency through artificial intelligence (AI).

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Growth for AI in FinTech.

This announcement coincides with exciting growth projections for AI in FinTech. According to FinTech Global, recent research shows that the market is poised to surge from $42.83 billion in 2024 to a healthy $50.87 billion by 2029. Banks are at the forefront of this adoption, with estimated spending on AI platforms reaching $4.9 billion by end of 2024 – a 21.8% compounded annual growth since 2019.

"Generative AI and Artificial Intelligence in general are opening opportunities in the financial services sector to not only get ahead of the competition but to also increase efficiencies and offer personalised products to clients," stated Richard Sachar, Director at FinTech Global. “This year’s AIFinTech100 list details some of the best and the brightest in this area who are developing AI applications in areas such as banking, insurance, compliance, customer experience, investment, and trading and payments.”

Richard Sachar

Richard Sachar

Director at FinTech Global

Sybrin is a leader of this transformative trend. By harnessing the power of AI, machine learning, and data science, Sybrin delivers a powerful Know Your Customer (KYC) solution. This intelligent solution streamlines onboarding processes by automatically screening against global sanctions and watchlists in real-time, flagging potential risks for further review while ensuring a quick and efficient experience for low-risk clients.

"Being named an AIFinTech100 leader is a tremendous honour," said Stacey Japhta, Sybrin's Executive Head of Growth. "This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and empowering financial institutions, and other organisations, by leveraging AI to automate their business processes. We are passionate about risk mitigation and identity verification, and we firmly believe our AI-driven solutions equip our clients to navigate today's complex landscape with confidence, ensuring both compliance and customer trust."

Stacey Japhta

Stacey Japhta

Head of Growth at Sybrin

Sybrin’s AI technology increases accuracy and decreases workloads. A key advantage is its ability to continuously learn and rapidly adapt to changes. Furthermore, it automates repetitive and mundane tasks like processing, capturing, and authenticating vast data volumes, minimising human error and freeing up resources to focus on higher-level priorities.

For the complete list and profiles of the 2024 AIFinTech100 companies, download the research PDF here:


About Sybrin.

Leveraging their 30+ years of industry experience, Sybrin uses AI, machine learning, and data science to overcome challenges in the financial services, insurance, and telecommunications industries. Passionate about risk reduction and identity verification, Sybrin leans on the power of AI and ML to automatically perform real-time screening against global sanction lists and watchlists to identify and flag potential high-risk customers for further review, while onboarding low-risk customers quickly and efficiently.