You Code Girl! Sybrin Supports GirlCode in Closing the Gap for Women in Tech

You Code Girl! Sybrin Supports GirlCode in closing the gap for women in tech.

15 Feb 2022
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With the exponential increase in demand for talented coders, companies are struggling to find qualified employees - especially women, as this continues to be a field dominated by men. Despite the increase in demand, women currently only hold 19% of tech-related jobs at the top 10 global tech companies.

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In South Africa, women are underrepresented in ICT and technology, as well as the engineering, manufacturing, and construction industries; according to World Economic Forum statistics. As a result, there is a significantly smaller pool of female talent within the STEM professions, restricting the potential of South Africa's technology sector.


GirlCode's mission is to introduce girls and women to technology from an early age and to support them by upskilling their coding abilities. They are equipping future job seekers with the necessary skills to be able to fully participate in the economy and take advantage of the rising opportunities in the technology space.

Proud donor.

Sybrin is a proud donor to this great initiative and, together with the contributions from other organisations, GirlCode was last year able to make the transition from in-person classes to building an online coding academy which enables young girls and women to take various courses ranging from an introduction to cloud, to web development, and app development. This means that their potential to scale and reach more beneficiaries is now possible and has allowed them to have a greater impact.

It was quite an exciting year of growth, which was made possible by organisations like Sybrin. We had an incredible reach in 2021, with a total of 777 beneficiaries that started and successfully completed our programmes. Words cannot express how truly special and humbled we feel to have so many people believing in what we aim to achieve! We look forward to an exciting 2022 with renewed partnerships as well as new partners who are equally committed to empowering young girls and women through technology. Together we can create an even bigger impact!

Zandile Mkwanazi

Zandile Mkwanazi

CEO, GirlCode

We at Sybrin are proud to have contributed to this worthy cause. We believe that women should be better represented in the technology sector and have equal opportunities. GirlCode's cause aligned perfectly with our skills development strategy to support young talent and actively support organisations like GirlCode to reduce unemployment, improve standards of living, and enable the young talent in South Africa.

Anél Kemp

Anél Kemp

Business Training Manager, Sybrin Knowledge Centre

Sybrin is passionate about investing in the workforce of tomorrow. We know that digital transformation has given rise to opportunities that require new skills, and as such GirlCode's endeavours align very much with our own.

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