Advanced Document Generation

Generate Documents with Just a Few Clicks.

Enjoy hassle-free document composition and automation by digitising your data capture process and enabling a consolidated view and improved governance.

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how it works

Upload. Capture. Extract.

We provide the capability to capture information into digital form which can then be immediately previewed on a generated document via web and mobile. The application allows for the digital capture of customer information, upload and extraction of supporting documentation, document generation of the application form, and the capture of digital signatures.

The following signing methods are supported:

  1. Electronic

  2. Digital Signatures
    (Using a third-party engine).

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  3. EU Qualified Signatures
    (Using a third-party engine).

  4. Signing via:

    Wacom Device Web Mobile Phone WhatsApp

why it works

Seamless Integration for Your Convenience.

Most of our customers may already have some elements of a Customer Communication Management (CMM) system in place. To accommodate any existing legacy systems and setup, this is an API-based system that integrates easily with third- party systems. From an Enterprise System perspective, it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and SAP. The ability to integrate via APIs means that we can also integrate with more than 130 legacy systems.

why choose us

Automate. Populate. Approve.

Our solution is a holistic end-to-end offering with a dynamic rules engine for digital templates. It facilitates workflows to call up documents and automatically populate the templates using smart dataset matching and connectors to legacy systems. The workflow is then able to move the document forward for approval, digital signature, as well as indexing, classification, and storage.

the difference

Intelligent Automation is the Answer.

Many organisations do not realise that intelligent document generation and automation is not simply a process of scanning, OCR, and storage - but rather the digital ingestion of information into smart automated templates, which includes:

  1. Smart digital template creation.

  2. Workflows.

  3. Document generation.

  4. Digital signatures.

  5. Document management.

  6. RPA and AI.

Our comprehensive offering can incorporate all the above-mentioned elements or integrate with the components that an organisation already has in place.


Equip your Teams with the Best.

By automating the document generation process, businesses can reduce errors, save time and money, and improve compliance with pre-approved templates.

Document composition, automation, and governance.

On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid.

Compliance and risk management.

Preservation of corporate identity.

Legal clause library management.

130 pre-built connectors.

Standardised templates for documents.


Reduce Manual Effort and Improve Productivity.

With our Advanced Document Generation solution, manual input is a thing of the past. Our solution takes care of the mundane tasks, allowing your employees to focus on more important tasks.

Reduce the turn-around time on document processes.

Integrate with almost any legacy system through the API.

Digitally capture customer information for a consolidated view.

Increased productivity, with reduced errors and costs.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Speed Things Up.

Our Solution is best suited for data-rich industries and is one of the easiest and fastest ways companies can leverage intelligent automation to deliver tangible results to increase efficiency, deliver a superior customer experience, and maintain compliance.






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