Liveness Detection

Liveness Detection and Verification

Frictionless user experience for simple fast liveness verification.

Verify that the person behind a remote interaction is a real person and is physically present with one simple selfie.

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Prove Biometric Liveness of a Person
for Remote Interactions

Easy Simple

User Experience

Available as Mobile SDK, Web SDK or API

Available On-Premise
or Hosted

Spoof Proof Tested by independent lab against FIDO level A and B

Supports both Active and Passive Liveness

Passive vs Active Liveness Detection

Passive Liveness Detection

Only requires a single image or video of the user to gain access to a system. Minimal user interaction is necessary as no actions are required other than looking at the screen. This is the fastest form of Liveness Detection and offers the most frictionless user experience.

Active Liveness Detection

Requires the user to perform an action, or a set of actions, such as blinking, smiling, turning their head, etc. to gain access to a system; user interaction is compulsory. This is a more timeous process than Passive Liveness Detection.

Seamless Integration

What do We Do?

Sybrin’s Liveness Detection solution allows you to choose either active or passive liveness detection.

Whilst active is accepted across organisations to be a trusted means of determining liveness, passive has the added advantage of not requiring the user to take a video, nor perform any actions. This improves the customer experience and provides for a more seamless user interaction.

The combined use of image processing techniques and neural networks allows us to return a result in less than half a second using only a selfie.

Our solution has passed rigorous testing by Fime, and has been declared to conform to the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard.

Seamless Integration
Simple, Fast, Seamless Integration Into Your Platforms

Any Mobile App (SDK)

Android iOS Cordova Flutter
Compatibility IOS 11+ Android 5.1+

Any Web App

Compatibility Chrome 53+ Firefox 42+ Edge 12+ Safari 11+ Web Camera Resolution 720p+
Prevent Spoof Attacks – Separate a Real Human from a Deepfake

Rapid capture and data extraction of any ID document, passport, and driver’s license.

Liveness detection is important because it prevents biometrics access from unauthorised users, these are known as presentation attacks. Presentation attacks include the following spoofing techniques, and more:

Paper Mask

2D or 3D Pictures

Wax Dolls

Silicone and Hollywood Masks


Animated Videos

High- and Low-Resolution Videos

3D Printed Sculptures

FIDO - Level A and B PAD Testing

Our Liveness Detection solution underwent rigorous testing by an accredited FIDO Alliance Lab called Fime. They tested the solution against Level A and B, which included 10 Presentation Attack Instruments(PAIs), as well as testing against gender and racial bias.

Level A Example

Level B Example

Developer Documentation

The Sybrin Liveness Detection solution is supported by comprehensive developer
documentation which can be accessed here »

Developer Documentation
Biometric Verification

Compare a selfie photo to an ID photo or face photo.

Verify that the photo of a person, from the liveness selfie, matches the photo on the identity document to determine if the ID belongs to that person; or verify that the person’s face matches an existing database.

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Scenario 1

Know Your Customer (KYC)

ID Photo to Face from Camera

Know Your Customer

Scenario 2

Matching for Authentication purposes

Face/Picture from Camera to Face/Picture from Camera on Record

Know Your Customer
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