Payments Hub

An Innovative Payments Technology Stack.

A centralised payments ecosystem that allows you the freedom to manage different payment rails and transaction types in a single environment - service-focused, highly configurable, componentised, and API-centric.

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how it works

Consolidate. Monitor. Manage.

The Sybrin Payments Hub is a centralised payments ecosystem: service-focused, highly configurable, componentised, and API-centric. It is designed to centrally consolidate, monitor, and manage various payment rails and transaction types on a web-based platform. It also provides an agnostic interface across channel, customer, and payment type and insulates the organisation from the impact of settlement and regulatory scheme changes.

With support for seamless integration with Line-of-Business systems, as well as a range of compliance and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) platforms, it ensures that you are fully compliant and secure. It is ideal for both large multinational banks who are running a variety of back-end processes, as well as smaller more localised banks, and other financial institutions.

Payments Hub

Payment Types


Real Time Payments RTGS Bill Payments Cheque EFT Payments eWallet Payments EFT Collections

Intra Payments

eWallet Payments Cheque Forex Cash EFT Payments EFT Collections


TCIB Remittances SWIFT


Alternate Payments Commission and Charges Liquidity Management Mandate Manager Recurring Payments Manager Debit Orders Manager Settlement Management Anti-Money Laundering Fraud Risk Management

General Functionality

Payment Management

Integration Management



Line-of-Business Core Banking Systems Payment Clearing Schemes Notification Gateways Billers

Workflow and Rules Engine

Reconciliations Exception Handling Fating Table Maintenance Process Flows

System Administration

Role and User Management Auditing Security

Reporting and Dashboard

ACH Settlement Reports Reconciliation Reporting

why it works

Your Tailored, Modern, Cloud-Ready Payments Factory.

An easily integrated solution, unifying all payment types into an innovative payments ecosystem for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment.


Unify all payment types into a single payments ecosystem.

ISO 20022, RTGS, SWIFT, ACH, Real-Time, and Cross-Border.



Private, public, hybrid cloud.

Cloud provider agnostic.


Easily connect to third-party payment providers, partner banks, and FinTechs.


Define and change workflows and business rules with a GUI.

Execute payment workflows reliably and at scale.


Get unified operational and regulatory visibility into your payments ecosystem.


Bring new payments products onboard quickly.

why choose us

Customisable. Scalable. Innovative.

Built on the Sybrin Platform, our products are customisable to suit your unique requirements. All our payments solutions are specifically built following ISO 20022 principles, data structures, message flows, and standards. This allows for all the benefits of the ISO 20022 initiative, such as the ability to cater for new products, to be available in the Sybrin Payments Hub too.

Our payments experience across Africa speaks for itself:

1st Cheque truncation solution in Africa and 3rd in the world was implemented by Sybrin in Malawi.
Payment centralisation solution across 9 countries for digital payment processing.
10 out of 33 Tanzanian banks are clearing using Sybrin's Payments Hub for processing mass payments.
6 out of 17 Zambian banks are clearing using Sybrin's Payments Hub for processing mass payments.
Strategic partnership with Tier 1 Bank in South Africa.
3 Clearing House Solutions deployed in Africa: BankServAfrica, Payments Association of Lesotho, Zambia Electronic Clearing House Limited (ZECHL), and Kenya Bankers Association (KBA).
Payment Association of Lesotho ISO 20022 upgrade.
NMB provides our direct debit management for its customers.
22 out of the 39 banks in Kenya use our Payments and Settlement solutions.
TISS for CRDB bank's elite corporates powered by Sybrin.
7 out of 11 banks in Rwanda are clearing with our Payments Hub.
Domestic payments switch and settlement provided for Kenya's KBA, Zambia Electronic Clearing House (ZECHL).

The Sybrin Payments Hub is Built from the Ground Up Using Modern Architecture Principles:

Support for on-premise or cloud deployment.

Cloud-agnostic and can be deployed in a private or public cloud.

Highly scalable and resilient.

Banking industry security.

Built with security of data and users as one of the founding principles.

Regular penetration testing as per industry recommendations.

Sybrin is actively pursuing the new PCI-SSF (SLC and SSS) certification which is replacing PA-DSS replacement.

Designed with micro services running on Docker instances, managed by Kubernetes. This allows for horizontal scaling to support performance, scalability, and resiliency requirements.

All data in rest and transfer encryption using industry standards such as X509 certificates (SSL/TLS).

Authentication of users as per industry standards such as OAUTH, SAML, Windows Auth etc.

the difference

Our Experience is Your Advantage.

Sybrin has a profound understanding of the market and have been trusted Payments Advisors in this space for 15+ years. With a large client-base across the African continent, we are well equipped to provide solutions into markets where there are a variety of factors at play, from economic, to technological, to regulatory. Our products and solutions have been tested thoroughly, even on sub-optimal infrastructure, and we’ve accommodated for a variety of uses cases.

  1. Sources

    Our offering is unique in that it accepts input from a range of transaction sources, covering the whole spectrum of products offered by a bank. Transaction sources include electronic banking, corporate banking, direct branch transactions, and ATM/POS points.

    Each payment source is appropriately handled and converted for processing through the communication protocol interface. The interface is responsible for message translation, interpretation, and validation, before passing it through in aggregated format.

    Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point-of-Sales (POS) transactions are directed through a third-party ATM switch, which collects the transactions and directs them to the communication protocol interface. This way, all payment sources can efficiently communicate with Sybrin, ensuring uninterrupted service and Straight-Through-Processing (STP) of all transactions.

  2. Destinations

    Our offering redirects processed payments to the relevant destinations based on the transaction type and parameters for clearing. Following our input-processing-output paradigm established in all our products, the destinations are considered the outputs. Sybrin determines the correct destinations of transactions, which may include the Automated Clearing House (ACH), the RTGS processor and SWIFT network, and passes them through the communication protocol layer for distribution to these external clearing entities.

    As with the input sources, this interface is responsible for message translation, interpretation, and validation. The protocol interface supports several industry formats such as XML, MsgQ, and ISO, and can be adapted for use with proprietary formats to output to any other destination as required for clearing. This offers unrivalled scalability and enhanced product capabilities for banks demanding the most efficient transaction processing solution.


Multifunctionality in a Single Environment.

Sybrin's Payments Hub supports multiple currencies, it also offers support for any transaction sources, with an automated failover feature to ensure payment completion.

Central Dashboard View

We aggregate all the bank's transaction sources into a unified, web-based dashboard view. The dashboard provides a customisable overview of items such as transaction channel usage, up and downtime, and exceptions. We also provide a detailed audit trail of all transaction events and sources and offer notifications and escalations to customers and users for specific events.

Third-Party Support and Auto Failover

Sybrin has full support for any transaction sources and destinations when processed and switched through our offering. This enables excellent third-party payment source and destination support via the customisable communication protocol interface. We can also intelligently re-channel transactions if they fail through one provider, ensuring payment completion.


We can support as many currencies as needed without any limitations. By either utilising a file uploaded from the Treasury with exchange rates or linked directly to the bank's exchange rate system online. More so, the exchange of currency codes and numbers in message requests can all be maintained and customised in Sybrin as required.


Rapid Implementation for Rapid Benefits.

A scalable and reliable solution with improved management visibility and control resulting in stronger compliance and reduced risk.

Accelerated Time to Market

The Sybrin solution is a purpose-built accelerator for consolidation, processing and monitoring of payments. Therefore, a Bank can go live within months rather than years, creating a competitive advantage for the Bank around payments processing.

Speed and Flexibility for New Products

Open, extensible data and processing models allow for rapid implementation and rollout of new products and features through low-code development using the Sybrin Platform.

Scalable, Reliable, and Performant

Proven in the most demanding production environments; designed to the highest standards of performance: low-latency, high-capacity, linear scalability, and reliability. The Payments Hub can grow exponentially based on the Bank's future business strategies. Therefore, supporting a low cost of ownership.

Improved Management Visibility and Control

Consolidating the payment processing, allows for the intelligent capture and use of data which allows for business activity monitoring dashboards, analytics, and management reports. These reports aid in making crucial management and business process improvement decisions. The automated collection and analysis of data also improves customer profiling, thus improving the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns.

Reduced Operational Costs

Faster deployment, configuration flexibility, and open stack support provide additional reductions in operational costs.

Stronger Compliance and Reduced Risk

The Sybrin Payment Hub's configurable Rules Engine ensures that new regulations can be easily integrated into the solution as they arise, thus addressing the relentless pressure to incorporate and implement regulatory compliant solutions. The rules engine also enforces Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, while Sybrin Automated Services perform automated sanction screening.

Monitor Payments Anytime, Anywhere

Our systems ensure transaction tracking, from initiation until completion, allowing the Bank to make informed decisions from a central and consolidated view of real-time data.

Flexible Commercial Model

Sybrin owns the IP, we can therefore model flexible commercial options based on the Bank's required licensing and deployment requirements i.e., on-premise, transaction-based, or a hybrid model.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

One ecosystem, infinite opportunities.

Our products are designed to improve business processes, increase efficiency, and provide better customer experiences. With our flexible and adaptable solutions, we are able to meet the unique needs of each industry and deliver effective solutions that drive growth and success.

Payment orchestration

Lowering the cost of cross-border payments

Payment interoperability and orchestration

Alternative payments

ISO 20022

Payments reconciliation

Bulk payments

Central payments management console