Sybrin Platform

Fast Scalable Application Delivery for The Digital Enterprise.

Low-Code Application Development for Power and Citizen Developers building the Digital, Agile, and Intelligent Businesses of Tomorrow.

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how it works

Digitise. Innovate. Automate.

Built for both the Power Developer and Citizen Developer, the Sybrin Platform is a low-code platform that allows the agile enterprise to design, build, model, deploy, change, and manage enterprise applications without limits, fast. This is achieved using drag-and-drop designers and pre-built application components.

Why it works
Turbocharge Digitisation

To be the fully digitised enterprise of tomorrow you need to build powerful, scalable, and secure solutions fast. With our drag-and-drop designers used to build web/mobile/service apps you'll be able to deploy instantly to achieve the quickest time to value possible.

The AppBuilder is a development tool using drag-and-drop designers to build web, mobile, and service applications for your solution using minimal code, ultimately producing deployable solutions in vastly reduced times.

The Data Modeler is a tool which is used to create and manage Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) for use in apps. This includes creating new data structures, fields for data structures, and relationships between them.

Use the Sybrin Process and Rules Engine to standardise your business rules. It focusses on process, not code, and enables you to manage integrations, model processes or rules, orchestrate microservices, and manage business rules. It also includes workflow and decision modelling, digital process automation, and the ability to monitor performance.

My App, My Canvas

Brand your app, your way. An intuitive easy-to-use theme and style designer allows full control over the way your app looks and feels.

The Themes and Style Builder enables you to create multiple themes and styles for your application. You can change the application's theme and style to white-label it to your brand.

Low-Code or High-Code - why not both?

Extend the platform and add your own reusable front-end components and back-end tasks to the drag-and-drop application designers using VS Code. Switch between visual drag-and-drop application designers and code based on your experience level and preference.

The Sybrin Developer tools tools extension is used to create and manage Sybrin Store packages that are used to add custom plugins and custom tasks to Sybrin AppBuilder. You can install the latest version of the extension from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. The extension is made up of two main views; the package explorer and instance manager, and one auxiliary view; the status bar.


Build Anything with Ease and Speed.

Our platform makes it easier and faster than ever before to build anything you need. Using our low-code platform with its array of options and tools, businesses can rapidly create applications tailored to their exact needs, fit for any purpose, with minimal effort, regardless of the complexity.

Legacy App Modernisation

Refresh, rebuild, rearchitect your legacy apps and bring them back under the control of IT.

Operational Apps

Get more work done through automation and manage your operations using our case management framework.

Customer Engagement Apps

Create engaging customer experience apps with pixel-perfect design.

Innovation Apps

Turn business ideas into prototypes, test and refine, then deploy.

Multi-Experience Apps

Create a consistent user experience across all digital touchpoints by building multi-experience apps.

why it works

Increased Pace of Digitisation.

To keep up with the ever-accelerating pace of digitisation, and long development training cycles, it is necessary to use a low-code platform with pre-built digital building blocks to create applications faster than ever.

10x Faster

Build apps 10x faster than traditional software development.

Quality and Security

Build apps that have enterprise-grade quality and security.

Fast Deployment

Combine low-code and custom code, re-use pre-built digital assets, fast deployment to app delivery.

Reduced Training Time

A reduced learning curve lowers the time required for Developers to be proficient at building solutions.

why choose us

Reputable. Experienced. Reliable.

What distinguishes Sybrin from its competitors, is our leading-edge technology coupled with our culture of customer service. We have an excellent track record with our customers, spanning over 30+ years.


Our knowledge, gained by working in some of the most digitised industries i.e., Financial Services and Insurance, makes us experts as we developed a custom low-code platform which we ourselves use to meet customer timeline demands in the industries we serve.


Our deep technical experience of over 30 years in the industry is paired with our skilled highly technical team.


The majority of what we have built for customers has been used in production with only a minor percentage of solutions built never making it to production.


Our 100+ customer base continuously challenge us to improve our products with new use cases.


Our innovative mindset continuously motivates us to try and add more intelligence into our low-code platform to enrich applications that are built on the platform.

the difference

Build Enterprise Apps without Limits, Fast.

Our product provides you with a full stack low-code application development framework from front to back, focusing on both the Power and Citizen Developer, and enforces the best practices for building, managing, and deploying enterprise apps.

Some of our differentiators include:

  1. Accelerator Apps

    Our existing Accelerator Apps in the Finance and Insurance Industries.

  2. components

    ECM - Content Services are built-in, thereby eliminating the need to purchase specialised Document Management Solutions.

    IDP - Comprehensive intelligent document processing capability, automating extraction of text from documents, saving considerable time, and lowering costs.

    Case Management - Change the way you work by streamlining processes and improving your customer experience.

    Decision Capability - Standardise and manage complex rulesets, ensuring customers get the same experience, irrespective of engagement channel.

    WebAssist - Scan, capture, sign, and transact directly from the browser using any connected device.

  3. Lean Tech Stack

    Minimal third-party components.

  4. Pricing

    Pricing flexibility.

  5. Local Support

    Local Support in African markets.


Convenience, at Your Fingertips.

Built on the solid foundation of our platform, our offerings have an intuitive user interface which includes real-time dashboards, reports, analytics, business intelligence, and more. This enables our customers to collaborate on projects, track progress, and stay focused. We provide the insight and tools needed to make informed decisions, improve productivity and compliance, as well as reduce effort and costs.

Add custom code and extend the platform directly from VS code.

Manage your content with content services.

Build apps using visual development tools and digital building blocks.

Connect and manage IOT devices.

Add intelligence and automation to your apps with sophisticated AI.

Create a digital factory between Power and Citizen Developers.

Create multi-experience apps.

Easily integrate with any existing, new, or legacy systems and devices.

Enterprise-grade secure applications.

Hassle-free application development and delivery in the cloud.

Map processes using BPMN and DMN.

Instant one-click deployment.


But Wait, there's More.

In addition to enabling increased customer acquisition and retention, our products are also designed to help streamline processes and automate mundane tasks, allowing organisations to focus on their core activities. Sybrin's offerings provide a secure, robust, and feature-rich platform that is scalable and easy to integrate with your existing stack.

Decreased hand coding.

Better customer experience.

Larger collective contribution.

Apply changes easily.

Drag-and-drop application designers.

Reduce Risk and improve governance.

Speed up delivery through the re-use of digital assets.

Create and release enterprise-grade applications in a short amount of time, with real impact on your business.

Clear your IT backlog to enable Business/IT alignment through digital factories.

Empower Citizen Developers to build quality applications.

Faster transformation.

Enables lean start-up methodology.

Reduce costs by modernising or replacing legacy systems.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Transform the Way You Do Business.

Our product use cases are diverse, ranging from automating workflows and increasing productivity, to streamlining customer engagement and improving customer service. With the help of Sybrin's AI-powered solutions, organisations can automate complex processes and tasks, allowing them to operate more efficiently and effectively.

System Integrators/Partners/Services


Banking, Finance, and Insurance


X-Large Enterprises

Small Enterprises