Switch Manager

Switch Up your Payment Operations.

Integrate multiple payment methods and providers to increase your transaction success rates, provide greater flexibility and control within your payment processing infrastructure, and protect yourself from downtime and outages.

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how it works

Unifiable. Customisable. Reliable.

The Sybrin Payments Switch Manager provides the tools to operationally manage the following payment switches:

  1. ACH Switch

    This Sybrin developed switch provides payment clearing for Cheque and EFT payments. It is typically used by central banks.

  2. Mojaloop Instant Payment Switch

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored the Mojaloop Instant Payment Switch. It aims to lower payment fees by providing an interoperable payment solution.

Switch Manager

Payment Types

ACH | Domestic

Real Time Payments RTGS Bill Payments Cheque EFT Payments


TCIB Remittances SWIFT


Alternate Payments Commission and Charges Liquidity Management Mandate Manager Recurring Payments Settlement Management Anti-Money Laundering Fraud Risk Management

General Functionality

Payment Management

Integration Management



Core Banking Systems Payment Clearing Schemes Notification Gateways

Workflow and Rules Engine

Reconciliations Exception Handling Fating Reporting and Dashboards Table Maintenance Process Flows

System Administration

Role and User Management Auditing Security

Participant Management

Participant Onboarding Role and User Management

Front-End Portal

Participant Portal ACH Settlement Reports Reconciliation Reporting

why it works

No Limits.

Unified dashboard views, automated failover, and multi-currency support ensure that you are ready for any eventuality and can deliver continuous transactional activity:

Central Dashboard View

Sybrin's solution aggregates all the bank's transaction sources into a unified, web-based dashboard view. The dashboard provides a customisable overview of items such as transaction channel usage, up and downtime, and exceptions. Sybrin can furthermore provide a detailed audit trail of all transaction events and sources and offer notifications and escalations to customers and users for specific events.

Third-Party Support and Auto Failover

Sybrin has full support for any transaction sources and destinations when processed and switched through the SPS. This enables excellent third-party payment source, and destination, support via the customisable communication protocol interface. In addition, Sybrin can intelligently re-channel transactions if they fail through one provider, ensuring payment completion.


Sybrin's Payment Switch can support as many currencies as needed without any limitations. It can either utilise a file uploaded from the Treasury with exchange rates or be linked directly to the bank's exchange rate system online. More so, the exchange of currency codes and numbers in message requests can all be maintained and customised in Sybrin as required.

why choose us

Knowledgeable. Dependable. Reputable.

Sybrin has been in business for over 30 years and is at the leading edge of payment solutions for both governments and banks. We delivered the third cheque truncation system in the world, and the high-speed switches that run in Kenya, Zambia, and Pan-African banks. We provide payment solutions, front and back-office solutions, fraud risk management solutions, and even have our own line of biometric systems to support the KYC process. As such we are the perfect go to market partner for Mojaloop, and therefore also for you in this space.

the difference

Tried-and-Tested, Well-Established.

Along with providing installation and support, Sybrin supports our customers with our tried-and-tested switch management software, the ability to bridge payment systems, deeper ISO 20022 support (SWIFT and other payment message types such as trade finance), adapters for various payment rails, connectivity to core banking systems, and more. We also support various payment channels like WhatsApp, QR codes, integration at the till, and bill presentment. And, once again, we do it from the perspective of 30 years of experience proving scalable, performant, and sustainable solutions. We find the right blend of secure open-source software and Sybrin solutions, thereby helping reduce your overall costs.


Limitless Functionality.

Administer clearing and settlements, manage fraud and risk, monitor transactions, generate reports, and more, with the Sybrin Payments Switch.

ACH/RTGS Clearing and Settlement

This feature includes:


Payment scheme and clearing house integration


System functions


Onboarding of Participants

This feature manages the onboarding of a new participant to the payment scheme, with options to:

Search for an existing participant (name, or registration status).

Special queue for each registration status, i.e., one for rejected registrations.

Allow completion of participant details.

Linking of bank/other accounts.

Setting of limits for the participant.

Net Debit Cap Management

Net debit caps help ensure that payment schemes can complete settlement even if a participant fails to settle:

Increasing and decreasing available clearing limits on different entities/levels.

Viewing settlement positions per the above entities.

Running a net-off settlement.


The switch operator can operationally monitor transactions via reports and real-time dashboards by:


Hub operators will have a search option with multiple criteria to identify single transactions and display statuses.

Summary views on total transactions processed in a defined time interval.

Net debit cap.


Operational KPI to be displayed on a dashboard.

Alerts management.

Alerts can be defined to fire at certain thresholds.

Dispute Management

Provide managed business processes and rules regarding disputes, for example:

Payment to wrong recipient.

Fraudulent payments.

Facilitate disputes across different payment ecosystems (outside of payment scheme).


Reconciliation of payment transactions:

Payments reconciled from various sources to various destinations.

Reconciliation of FX files.

Flexible business model (business rules and flows) to support various procedures to verify that two sets of records issued by two different entities match.

Liquidity Management

The Sybrin switch manager includes a liquidity management module:

Flexible business rules engine to configure liquidity calculations, allowing for custom solutions.

Keeps track of liquidity (net position) of specific entities.

Provides standard liquidity reports.

Visual real-time liquidity monitoring dashboard.

Configurable liquidity limits per different entities, i.e.: limit reached notification.

Alias Lookup Service

Proxy Payment is aimed at making payment processes easier by eliminating the need for customers to exchange information such as bank account details and instead rely on proxy identifiers such as mobile phone numbers or company names or abbreviations. The alias lookup provides the ability to find related aliases.

Fraud and Risk

The Sybrin Switch Manager allows configuration and monitoring of the Sybrin Fraud and Risk Module:

Access the FRM audit logs as provided by the core payment switch.

Management of parameters, rules.


Reporting and dashboards.


Sybrin's solutions provide several off-the-shelf reports. In addition, new reports can be supported in the following ways:

Use of the internal Sybrin Platform reporting engine, which allows for quickly building reports consisting of internal Sybrin Platform and external data sources. It is possible to separate reporting data to safeguard performance of the transactional system.

Reporting information can be exported to an external reporting solution, where products like Jasper reporting can be used.

It is possible for third-party tools to access the information in Sybrin Platform, which will be carefully monitored and managed by Sybrin Platform to avoid performance degradation.

Fee Management

Sybrin Switch Manager features a Data Model Notation (DMN) Engine, which allows for flexible, complex rules and mappings. This is used by our customers as a charges management solution.

Alternatively, Sybrin Switch Manager can access external fee management solutions, which are typically provided by some host banking solutions. The charges and fees can be obtained from external sources, internal lookup, or a combination of multiple sources if required.

Systems Management

This feature comprises three main components:

Role and user management: Manage and maintain roles and users including access.

Auditing: All actions on the User Interface are logged in a standard audit log.

Security: Logging of all security events and transmissions to SIEM, managing access credentials, and more.


Failsafe Automation.

Improve your transaction success rate with our automated failover feature that intelligently re-channels transactions when they fail through an alternate service provider.

Facilitate communication between different payment service providers.

Protect your company from payment providers' downtime and outages.

Increase transaction success rates.

Easily integrate multiple payment methods and providers.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Enhanced Efficiency.

Our products are designed to improve business processes, increase efficiency, and provide better customer experiences. With our flexible and adaptable solutions, we are able to meet the unique needs of each industry and deliver effective solutions that drive growth and success.

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