Digital Onboarding

Remote Biometric Onboarding and Verification

Sybrin Digital Onboarding validates the identity of the person who is actioning the transaction by matching the person’s identity document details against a live selfie and third-party database.

Frictionless, Fast AI-Powered
Digital Onboarding

Point and Auto Capture

Liveness Detection

Facial Match

Data Extraction via OCR, MRZ, and PDF417

Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) of over 4500 global IDs

Matching of extracted ID data and selfie against third-party databases

With multi-billion-dollar fines being imposed against institutions that have run afoul of the regulations, we believe market participants should aggressively pursue innovative, technology-based onboarding solutions built on modernized platforms. It must leverage big data to improve the onboarding client experience, reduce cycle time, and embed stronger operational controls.

~White Paper - KPMG

How it Works

User Details

We request a valid phone number and email address.

Product Selection

The user is prompted to select a product.

Capture ID Document

We recognise that the ID document is a valid document, and then extract ID data and crop the picture from the document.

Liveness Detection

The user is prompted to turn their heads and perform various facial expressions.

Fingerprint Detection

We request a photo of the user's finger.

Verify Against Third Party DB

We verify that the data extracted from the ID document matches third party records, and we verify the picture on the ID document matches the selfie and the third-party database.

Address Details

The user submits their proof of residence through a photo of a utility bill or by using their geolocation feature on their smartphones.

Digital Signature

The user is asked to provide their signature on their touchscreen.

All Done

You have been successfully onboarded, and can now use your product.

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