Intelligent ID Capture

Seamless, Realtime ID Capture

The Sybrin ID Capture product enables the rapid ID capture, extraction, and validation of over 4500 global IDs via mobile and web API. Use our SDK to add Fast, Easy, Intelligent data extraction to your mobile, or web app.

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Rapid capture and data extraction of any ID document, passport, and driver’s license.

Give your apps an unparalleled user experience for ID doc capture

Delight your customer with a faster, seamless digital onboarding experience

Eliminate the opportunity for user error

Control image quality at source

Prevent ID Fraud

Eliminate back office cost with first time right ID doc capture

By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.


Product Features

Over 4500 Global IDs supported

Fast and accurate ID scanning

Rapid real-time data extraction

Works offline

Highly accurate OCR

Simple integration

Simple pricing

Secure on the device scanning

Point and Capture – auto capture of best quality image

AI Algorithms ensures perfect picture capture every time

Available as an SDK (IOS and Android) or Web APIs

Supports MRZ and PDF417 barcodes


Use Cases

Digital onboarding

Identification and KYC

Vehicle hire

Plant hire

Travel, tourism, and hospitality


Human resources


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