Know Your Customer | KYC

Real-Time KYC Monitoring and Verification.

Improve compliance, operations, customer acquisition, and customer retention with Sybrin's advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) offering.

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how it works

Automate. Validate. Comply.

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) offering is a fully integrated technology stack powered by computer vision, machine learning, and data science. It assists in building solutions that validate the identity of the person who is actioning a transaction by matching the person's identity document details against a live selfie and third-party database. This is the latest technology set using a core component that is open source, and therefore keeps the costs of long-term operations down.

why choose us

Onboarding. Screening. Monitoring.

The Sybrin Intelligent KYC offering is a complete solution for onboarding customers, automating cognitive KYC procedures, and performing client and enhanced due diligence investigations. It provides customers with a white label toolkit for performing:

Identity Proofing/Customer Onboarding Customer Due Diligence PEP/PIP/Sanction Screening Enhanced Due Diligence Journey Time Orchestrated Fraud Checks using Sybrin and/or 3rd party components

The drastic increase in financial crime over the last decade, has led to renewed pressure from regulatory bodies on institutions to embrace continuous real-time monitoring. With recent advancements in technology, we are able to provide a risk-based KYC solution enabling your compliance.

why it works

Compliance via Intelligent Automation.

As a holistic solution, our KYC offering provides an end-to-end system which integrates seamlessly and can efficiently and effectively enable compliance by means of Intelligent Automation. It has the following capabilities, amongst others, which are supported by our Machine Learning and AI technologies:

National Identity / Passport verification.

Email and mobile phone verification.

Behavioural analytics.

Real-time transaction monitoring.

Watchlist screening and monitoring.

Case management.

Compliance reporting and data consolidation.

Liveness verification.

Investigation management.

Risk assessment.

Geolocation capabilities.

Suspicious Activity Report (SARs).

the difference

A Future-Proof Solution.

With evolving customer expectations and new advancements in digital technologies driving rapid change in this sector, relying on manual processes that make customers wait while employees try to filter through multiple layers of data is no longer an option. Fortunately, this weakness can also become a strength; as a data-driven process, KYC can be vastly improved by new technologies. An ideal solution that is future-proof, such as Sybrin's KYC offering, includes the following aspects:

Digital and Accessible

Enable a seamless customer experience.

Centralised online platform for employees.

Data update in real-time.

Actions and decisions automatically tracked in an audit trail.

Automated and Intelligent

Automate previously manual and time-consuming tasks.

Streamline the compliance process.

Our KYC offering is also supported by our SDKs

Intelligent ID Capture SDK.

Sybrin Biometric SDK.

Mobile Document Capture SDK.

eSignature SDK.

Scalable and Future-proof

Quickly adapt to regulator changes.

Scale quickly and easily to avoid friction in the customer journey.

Adapt to new regulatory requirements and growth in your customer base and teams.

Shared Data Resources

Entity resolution and risk-based assessment.


Provide continuous real-time, event-based monitoring of changes in customer details and circumstances.

Easily Integrated

Integrate and orchestrate multiple legacy systems through a dynamic solution.


Enabling Due Diligence.

Our KYC solution utilises advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to verify customer information and flag any potential risks or fraudulent activities.

Consumer IDV & Onboarding.

Business IDV & Onboarding.

Rapid deployment.

PEP Screening.

Enhanced Due Diligence.

Client Due Diligence.

Real-time matching and monitoring against national and international lists.

Continuous Monitoring.

Sanction Screening.

Adverse Media.

Facial biometric liveness detection.

Integrated solution with customisable region-specific intelligence.

A holistic KYC and operational view including dashboards, analytics, and reports.


Free-Up Your Employees' Capacity.

Streamline your operations, improve your customers' experience, and reduce the risk of fraud and financial crimes.

Improved customer experience with a seamless onboarding process.

Freed-up capacity for employees to focus on other important tasks.

Reduced drop-offs during the onboarding process.

Reduced cost and improved compliance.

Reduced time for KYC Due Diligence.

Faster onboarding.

Reduced workflow.

Increased efficiency.

Data and documentation re-use.

Streamlined and more efficient processes.

Savings in audit costs.


Minimised risk.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Simplifying Compliance Across any Vertical.

The obvious use cases for KYC are within industries that fall under the regulated sector. These could be defined as any organisation or institution that runs the risk of their current or future customers being linked to money laundering, bribery and corruption, terrorism financing, or any other form of financial crime. These organisations are normally legally required to screen customers and transactions for AML purposes as well as broader KYC checks. These typically include:

Banks and Credit Institutions

Stock Exchanges, Foreign Exchange Brokers, and Money Services Businesses

Digital/Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Asset Managers

Company and Trust Formation Services


Medical and Healthcare


In some jurisdictions, these may also include:

Accountants, Auditors, and Tax Advisors

Legal Professionals

Bookmakers and Casinos

Estate Agents

Insolvency Practitioners

Dealers in high-value goods where transactions involve cash payments